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“Exodus”: My Disbelief

You may have already read here that, once upon a time, I was an atheist. You probably heard me say “I was a closet atheist.” In other words, it took some courage to come out, to admit to my family … Continue reading

“Exodus” after Aristotle

In a series of posts, we’ve been looking at the word exodus. We started by looking at what Dannii Willis calls “the current status of the word.” We reviewed its three or four uses in “the NT,” looking to see … Continue reading

“Exodus”: Whose Is It?

I am now ready to say something about the first Exodus. And what I mean by Exodus is the Exodus of the Septuagint. Accurately, that particular Exodus is the name, the title name, of what is the second book of … Continue reading

“Exodus”: Luke is not León Uris

We all know how León Uris used Exodus for the title of a historical novel.  We know how “Exodus International” conceives of the homosexual lifestyle.  We know how the heavy metal rock band “Exodus” wants fans.  We know that Uris … Continue reading

“Exodus”: Heavily Semiticized (NT) Greek

They were glorious to see. And they were speaking about his exodus from this world, which was about to be fulfilled in Jerusalem. –Luke 9:31 (New Living Translation, ©2007) By faith Joseph, when his end was near, spoke about the … Continue reading

“Exodus”: now, then (in the Bible), and then

Kurk, the question is not how were words used before, but how are they used now? Evidence of prior non-religious use … won’t tell us the current status of a word. —Dannii Willis … the NT has heavily Semiticized Greek….  … Continue reading

How I Died as a Blogger

By now, you can see how I’ve tried to assist your belief in resurrection from the dead.  (What a Phoenix wannbe, you should say.)  Or maybe you’ve come to doubt all writers’ intentions.  (When are you finally going away, you … Continue reading

Virginia Woolf used kindle, nook, twitter, yahoo, google, and the web

Blogger Theophrastus got me reading Virginia Woolf again. (Well, he got me re-reading Mrs. Dalloway [my idea] in preparation for reading Michael Cunnigham’s The Hours [again my idea] by getting me to read Cunningham’s op ed essay, “Found in Translation.”) … Continue reading

Whose Giggles and Foreplay? Wordplay for Bible Translators

The Bible is full of wordplay. Some translators get that and give it to their readers. Now, let’s define our terms. What I mean by wordplay is something very precise. Ha. I’m only joking; what I mean when I say … Continue reading

Whose Mockingbird? A Parable for Bible Translators

Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird has been translated into more than forty different languages. It may serve as a parable for Bible translators. How? Let’s look at three ways. Then we’ll consider three excerpts from one translation. First, … Continue reading