The Naked Martin Luther

2 things made me laugh.


Facebooking, David Ker decides to say this to blogger Jane Stranz (true story):

“Der halbe Spaß ist zu entscheiden, was sie anziehen”

To which she replies:

“Ich blogge natürlich immer nackt!”


Chuckling while overhearing that conversation, I began to hear another (true story bits):

Martin Luther was telling friends he wanted to put Moses in German clothes (as if his Mosaic Hebrewness were a nakedness to be ashamed of).  Luther then posted the following as his facebook status:

“make Moses so German that no one would suspect he was a Jew.”

Moses commented back, in Hebrew, of course

Luther replied, using German to name that bit Moses said.  He named the whole of Moses’s comment “1 Mose 2.25” (which we English speakers call Genesis 2:25).

Then Martin Buber commented on Luther’s wall (which was in German, of course, so I have no idea).

Luther then replies to Buber, translating the whole thing Moses had written (remember? that whole bit Luther had called “1 Mose 2.25” or “DAS ERSTE BUCH MOSE 2.25”)

But, funny thing, Moses (or was it Buber) had stripped Luther of all his German sounds.  The naked Mensch sounds so not Modest.  (I have no idea, but you can hear a lot of Hebrew parallelism and poetry in this “German” Moses wrote):

Und sie waren beide nackt,
der Mensch und das Weib,
und schämten sich nicht.

Then I thought I heard Luther insist:

“Ich weiß nicht nackt Facebook!”

(But to this day I don’t know what that means.  It just sounds funny.)


2 responses to “The Naked Martin Luther

  1. Did you catch Clayboy on Torah?

    Please do not neglect to cite Google Translate as the very important intermediary between my nonsense in English and the German that I was posting. 🙂

    I wonder if there is a parallel between Luther’s attitude toward Jews and American attitude toward Muslims.

    It has taken me years to overcome my bias against German which was formed at a tender age watching Hogan’s Heroes.

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