Open Letter

Dear Wayne,

Thank you for emailing privately yesterday (and including Dannii).  It was also the day when the package you sent came in the mail (your only copy of the big book by one of our favorite linguists and friend, Dr. Pike, followed by your kind note of apology that the dust jacket has a tear in it).  I think more of us would do well to be as personal and as thoughtful as you are; I know I would (and, therefore, I’m writing you openly here at my blog).  Please know that I want to publicize my interest in your work and your approach to it (and not to hijack your blogposts anymore, to provide a forum for divergent if related issues here, to follow your blog guidelines to the t when I do comment there, and to watch how others might feel more encouraged then to comment more and more on topic).


Kurk (aka J. K. Gayle)


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