What She Said

The funniest blogpost I’ve read is entitled “Whoops, I grabbed your banana!-An apology to Lick Foreign.” It seems fitting at a blog entitled “mind your language” (this very blog) to point that out.

Besides, I’m a missionary kid whose parents were constantly telling me (because they thought they had to): “mind your language.” But here I can now just hear them, the missionaries, telling the author of the funniest blogpost: “mind your language.” She is self-identified, the author of the funniest blogpost is, as “Jamie the Very Worst Missionary.” And she confesses that her blog is full of “Inappropriate remarks, embarrassing antics, and generally lame observations about living life as a Christian missionary in Costa Rica.” She’s asked her readers to confess some of theirs. At the end of the funniest blogpost, she petitions: “Ok, people, confess! What’s the most awkward thing you’ve said out loud?”

So mine? It would take some explaining and some set up but it’s actually very funny and actually my most embarrassing moment (or at least the moment I say is my most embarrassing one when I get the courage to tell it again in public). I’m not wanting to take a lot of time now with blogging. Call this a cop out.

But, back to the funniest blogpost ever…. “What she said,” is now English for insiders who are hoping their listeners will notice funny, inappropriate language to some perhaps. It’s a much different, perhaps opposite way of saying: “mind your language.” I hope you noticed, I changed my wordpress blog theme again. (That won’t even make sense at the blogspot, blogger version of this blog.) I want this blog, sometimes, to be funny. You’ll hear or read my replies to your many and thoughtful comments at this blog soon. Thank you so much for writing them!


6 responses to “What She Said

  1. The banana theme, eh? I was not expecting this, lol.

  2. Thanks for laughing, Nathan! (Should I go back to WP’s “default Cutline image (the one picturing a city street)” – http://svn.automattic.com/wpcom-themes/cutline/images/header_1.jpg – WP offers the image back in their post they should entitle “Ooops We understand that this change took some of you by surprise, and that was not our intention”: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/cutline-to-coraline-faqs?replies=102

  3. I read that second link, it looks like they just updated Cutline to Coraline. Coraline has new features, and you can select if you want your sidebar on the right, left, or both sides. It looks like it is the same thing with more features, so I would definitely try it out again if you liked Cutline.

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  5. This is a great theme. I just re-read your earlier comment and it sounds like you are using the default WP header? If so, I would be happy to Photoshop a custom header for you, it only takes five minutes or so.

    • You’ve been so very encouraging with WP, Nathan. I’m still learning it all and am now happy to get back the old look (wow, that sounds conservative as I move forward. Ha!). Let me think more and talk more with you about a custom header; thanks for the offer too!

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