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Today, the “theme” on my “wordpress” blog here changed automatically. It went to some awful default design and erased all of the widgets. My blogger friend Nathan Stitt won’t even look at this blog of mine in “blogspot.” But I have to say that in all my blogging, I’ve never seen blogger fail in such a drastic way.

Because I had begun a series of posts on clouds, I reinstalled a theme here with some clouds on it. (Ugh!  It’s ugly!)  I also added every widget available with the word cloud on it. Now I feel I have to start tagging my posts, to go back to tagging, to take time with all of this and all of that. None of that makes me feel any better! Did I do something wrong? I thought I did nothing.

I google to see if other wordpress users have had the problem. Sure enough: Anybody else out these see their theme become invisible on wordpress the way clouds disappear into the night sky?

6 responses to “Clouds:Night :: Themes:WordPress

  1. I’ve never heard of a blog theme changing automatically like this.

    You seem to be infatuated with Clouds right now… I guess I need to go back and re-read your prior posts more thoroughly to figure out why.

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